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Choosing a file name

EagleFiler 1.6.3 now arranges for the name of a file to be taken from the imported URL.

I would like this to be implemented more widely. When importing files or emails, I routinely use the option key so I can choose the title. But the file name cannot be chosen and I have to then find the imported item, open the information window and edit the file name to something useful, rather than what it happened to be on import.

Please can we have the file name shown in the import options window, and, better still, a button to set the file name to the Title + extension?

If something like this is already possible, I have missed it.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Choosing a File Name
Yes, this would be very useful! +1

Title to Filename
There is an existing AppleScript called Title to Filename that may do what you want.