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Classifying good messages as spam.

Been a long time user of SpamSieve and love the product. Recently upgraded Mail and SpamSieve to latest versions and started having problems with good messages being classified as spam. This includes messages that are part of an existing thread and even messages I sent and BCC’d myself on.

I have the junk filtering in mail disabled as well on MoblieMe. Interesting thing is that of the misclassified messages show up in the spam folder without any coloring. Any help is appreciated.

It sound as though it’s not SpamSieve that thinks the messages are spam, but you could check the log to be sure.

Thanks for the quick response and sorry for my delayed one (I left on a trip the day after my post). It was helpful to look at the logs. So I think I figured it out: it was SpamSieve – a second copy of it.

I have my desktop redirecting all incoming mail to an imap account and use spamsieve on it. I also have a laptop on which I previously ran spamsieve as well. When I migrated to the imap setup, I had disabled the spamsieve rule. When I did the upgrade, the rule became active again on the laptop. So I think the reason the messages didn’t have any color on the desktop was the laptop was responsible for moving the message to the imap spam folder

I have disabled the rule on the laptop and so far, so good.