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Clean Install OS X - which libraries and plists do I need to copy?

Hi there,

I’ll be moving to a new Mac (27" iMac) as my primary workhorse soon and for various reasons want to do a clean install of OS X in order not to carry over lots of trash that accumulated over time from my current OS install on my MacBook Pro. Thus I opted for a clean install rather than a migration via migration assistant. Also I’ll be trashing apps that I haven’t used for a certain period of time.

One of the first apps I’ll be installing is SpamSieve (I use it w/ Entourage). In order to keep all of the apps current settings I’d like to copy the respective application libraries and plist files (and whatever else is needed, the corpus comes to mind) from my current harddrive to the new machine so basically all I’ll have to do is install the scripts in Entourage. I currently have a 100% (seriously) hit rate for SPAM messages w/ SpamSieve and I’d like it to stay that way :slight_smile:

While I’m currently still on Leopard (10.5.8 ) I’ll be moving to its successor Snow Leopard (10.6.6) on the new machine.

Could you please point me to SpamSieve’s library and/or plist-files and the corpus (etc.) that I will have to move over in order to basically keep going from where I left? Is there anything I’ll have to specifically consider regarding the OS upgrade?

Thanks a lot!


Please see the How can I copy my training data to another machine? page. Unless you copy all the Entourage settings, you’ll need to re-install the SpamSieve scripts and re-create the rules.

Marvelous. Thanks a lot for the quick reply!