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Clearing the temporary file??

when trying to compress a toast image to a .dmg file I noticed that dropdmg seems to copy a temporary file somewhere on my hard drive. I can’t seem to find it but my harddrive space is less than what it was before i started the compression. Where is this temporary file located? I know its on my main hard drive somewhere cause my diskspace is much less now. Can anyone help me?

Any temporary files that DropDMG creates are created next to the destination file and deleted when DropDMG is finished. So I don’t think what you’re seeing would be directly caused by DropDMG, although perhaps the conversion is causing Mac OS X to swap some of your memory out to disk. You could try using a utility such as OmniDiskSweeper to see what’s using up your free space.

Well, I did cancel the conversion before it finished. Does this effect it at all? I am pretty sure because I had around 8 gigs left before the conversion and then after I cancelled the conversion midway through i only had about 1.5 gigs left. I was trying to compress a 6.9 gig toast image. Any other thoughts?

I’ll give omnisweeper a try also. Thanks

Hey I just tried Omnisweeper and it found the 6.9 gig file. It was listed as a volume. Just thought I’d let you know.

If you cancel, it should delete any temporary or partial files, although it’s possible that there are circumstances where this doesn’t work.

What kind of file was it? Was it from DropDMG? What you say “listed as a volume” do you mean that it was in the /Volumes folder? Is that were you told DropDMG to create the image?