Clicking on Spam filter crashes Apple Mail

Long time user. Just updated to OS 13.2 (with 2.9.51 SpamSieve). All works normally - except - when I click on the Spam filter tab (in “On My Mac”), Mail crashes each time. What is the fix?

This is probably not related to SpamSieve, but to confirm you could:

  1. Uncheck the SpamSieve rule(s) in Mail’s Rules settings.
  2. Uncheck the SpamSieve.mailbundle plug-in in Mail’s General settings.
  3. Restart Mail and see whether it still crashes.

Also, please send in the Mail crash log file.

So I unchecked both and restarted, no problem. Re-checked both again, no problem. There is a “Spam” button with 9 items in there and this causes a crash when I click on it. I “think” the settings changed when updating the OS from sending spam to “Junk” to sending to “Spam” - changed it back in Rules for SpamSieve (and spam is indeed going to junk like it should), but those 9 items are sitting there in “Spam” and there appears to be no way erase them without crashing Mail. You are likely right that this is not a SpamSieve issue now. I am obviously missing something. Trashed all the known plist files sites that have been noted for correcting crashes, but nothing is resolved. Just a pain. Any further thoughts?

Can you delete the whole Spam mailbox by Control-clicking on it (without first selecting it)? Or delete the messages therein using a phone or Web browser?

Yes I can delete the whole “Spam” mailbox by Control-clicking on it - and did. I presume this will not cause future conflicts if that mailbox does not exist. Thank you for your assistance. I love your product - long time user.

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