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Clipping To RTF?

I’m very interested in know why there isn’t a way to change the import file type for clippings of text or images from web pages. It seems like your only choice is a webarchive, a file type that I prefer not to work with. I would much prefer to import as an rtf with images. It would also, then be really nice to see an “append” command in the services menu so that you could compile small amount of info from several web pages.

You can import whole pages as rtf with images but then you need to go in cut out all the content you don’t need.


Because few people have requested such a preference. EagleFiler used to use RTF, and I got a lot of feedback saying that it should use the Web archive format instead, since it preserves more of the original data and formatting.

You can do this using the ImportTextAsWebArchive esoteric preference.

Yes, I’m working on that.

Thanks, it’s nice to have options. The esoteric prefs are a great thing. I can see how some people would prefer to use webarchives. I like to use rtf with attachments because you can collect small clippings and then add some of your own text. They are also nicer to view with the finder via coverflow. I changed the esoteric preference and it works great. It does not seem to grab the URL though… That would be handy.

In considering the “append” option, it might be nice to have a script that could stick the URL right into the rtf. MacJournal does this but it’s a journaling application and not great at collecting large amounts of data which I’m looking at EagleFiler for.

I also noticed that if you open a file that is already within the EagleFiler library from the Finder, it tries to duplicate the file…It’s nice to browse files in the Finder sometimes…


EagleFiler is looking better and better,

It will grab the URL if you import via the Services menu or drag and drop to the Dock icon. I’ll look into making this work for other types of drags.

What do you mean by “a script”? I thought you were requesting a command in the Services menu.

I don’t understand what you mean. What is “it”? If you double-click a file that’s already in the library, it should open in the normal viewing application for that file, e.g. Safari, TextEdit, etc.

Oh great, I see. I was using the droppad. I would prefer the dock icon over a drop box anyway. I just went for the droppad because I saw it first.

Yes, an option in the services menu would be nice for the “append” function. Better than a script. The ideal I think would be a hotkey. Perhaps in “import with options” menu that appears there could be another choice to “append” and then you could choose where you wanted it.

As far as “it”… I imported some rtf files into eagle filer, then later, I was browsing them with coverflow in the finder. I would rather edit rtf files in EagleFiler (instead of textedit) so I chose to “open with Eaglefiler”. It attempted to duplicate the file. Not a big deal, it’s just that some people that use EagleFiler as their text editor and text file viewer may also like to browse their files using the Finder sometimes.

The fact that EagleFiler does not use a database and stores it’s files in a file structure within the Finders documents folder makes it really attractive. You can use the Finder, or other file browsers, such as PathFinder, for browsing your files and for spotlight searches, then, for deeper searches, for tagging, labeling, archiving, etc… you can use EagleFiler.

Hope that makes sense,

Thanks for your quick response.

Thanks for explaining. EagleFiler interprets a request to open a file as meaning that you want it to import the file. This is why, for example, you can import by dropping onto the Dock icon. Perhaps I can make it a bit smarter so that trying to open a file that’s already in the current library opens a window for editing that file.

In EagleFiler 1.4.4, it will detect files that are already in the library and display them rather than trying to re-import them.