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Would it be possible to have a level between good email and bad email for clutter. These are the promotional emails we receive from vendors we’ve used in the past (newegg/amazon/airlines/hotels etc.) This is email that isn’t just outright horrible spam, but it isn’t stuff that I want in my inbox either. Right now I have whitelisted all of these senders and used rules to move them into a VendorJunk mailbox. The problem is the words in the emails are spammy, and by whiitelisting the sending addresses, all the spammy words are now being added to the good count in the corpus and thus influencing future borderline spam to be ruled as good email.

That’s a feature I’m considering for a future version.

I suggest that you simple move those rules above the SpamSieve rule. Then the messages will be out of your inbox and not influence SpamSieve at all.