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Color coding rules for good mail not working

I can no longer color code good messages by sender into categories. I used to be able to use rules to code all messages from clients in green as they come in; my friends and family in red; my friends in blue, etc. so I don’t miss important messages.

All i had to do was open the message and Spam Sieve automatically added the email address to whichever rule I chose. Now - ZILCH. It tells me something is missing and it won’t add the sender’s address or use the rules. I am freaking out! Is this the horrible Catalina or the horrible Spam Seive? HELP! How do I activate this rule color coding again?

This should still work with Apple Mail in Catalina. I do it myself.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. SpamSieve has never added addresses to rules in Apple Mail.

What does the error message from Catalina say?

If I open the email from the person I want to add to a rule (i.e. from a teaching client I want to see their name in green in my inbox), I opened the rule, clicked on the little box and Spam Seive added the name of the sender to the list of addresses in that rule.

  1. it no longer adds the address of the open email to the rule.
  2. if I attempt to add it manually, I get this message
  3. I added the last address manually: schag003@yahoo.com and spam sieve added a blank spot below it and sent me this message. These are Spam Sieve rules and they have always worked with Apple Mail.

Please let me know what you are doing that is different that works. Spam Sieve sends spam to the spam folder and I don’t have to deal with that. BUT This lack of color coding certain “from” addresses is pretty much of a nightmare.

That’s a feature of Mail, not SpamSieve. I don’t know why it isn’t working for you. I’ve not seen any problems so long as the message is selected in the list when I add the condition to the rule.