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Color sorting in OS X Mail

I remember when spam sieve first came out that I could sort by color (ranking). Now that option doesn’t seem to be available. Is this a problem with OS X? It makes it a lot faster to scan the Spam folder when you can sort by label color.

Apple removed the sorting feature from Mail, but please see this page for some other options.

Thanks! I’ve set up multiple folders like this:


That should help!

Maybe I have something set up wrong. The messages sort correctly except in the first folder titled Spam it is receiving good messages.

Spam – The rule I have associated with this folder is titled: SpamSieve [Score]
Spam95-100 – rule moves message to Spam95-100 folder <–this is working
Spam81-94 – Spam81-94 <–this is working
Spam50-80 – Spam50-80 <–this is working

The Spam rule is set up like this:

Every Message

Move Message to mailbox: Spam** <–I have it set to this but I think the instructions say the action will be ignored?

Any idea why I’m getting good messages in the Spam folder? Isn’t that where my [white] messages and manually spammed messages should go?

That can happen if your rule name doesn’t start with “SpamSieve”.

If you want a catch-all Spam mailbox for the remaining spam messages, you would need a separate “SpamSieve [Spam]” rule.

OK I will try that. I must have missed that step in the directions.

Still having trouble with this. I made the changes but my good mail is ending up in my Spam folder. The other Spam folders with numbers are working correctly.

I’d be happy to take a closer look. Please send in your rules files and log file and tell me the subjects of a few of the good messages.

The problem seems to be that you have a “SpamSieve [White]” rule that moves messages to the Spam mailbox. Only non-spam messages are white, so it’s doing what you told it, but not what you want. You probably meant to write “SpamSieve [Spam]”.

OK so should I delete that white rule? I saw something about that in the instructions you sent me.

No, you should rename it to “SpamSieve [Spam]”.

What they said was:

To match non-spam messages you can write [White].

The [Spam] rule should go to the Spam folder without the number? Does it make a difference what the order of the rules are?



I recommend putting the rules in order of decreasing spamminess. Your order looks fine.

Thanks. It’s working great! Later I will auto delete some or the more spammy folders.