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Colors make Mac Mail message list unreadable in dark mode

I’m using SpamSieve on Mojave. Messages marked as spam and colored by SpamSieve are unreadable, since the font on most seem to be light brown/yellow and don’t really work well with the message highlighting in the list. Is it possible for SpamSieve to change the font color of messages marked as spam to a darker color?

A work around is to select all the spam messages, bring up the color panel, and change the color to black.

It is unfortunate that Mail, for the last few years, has chosen a text color that doesn’t work well on its pre-configured background colors (especially in Dark Mode). I have filed a Radar with Apple, and they are aware of the problem. On macOS 10.13, SpamSieve was able to override the text color to make it more readable. The method that it was using no longer works on 10.14, but I am trying to find another way. In the interim, one option would be to turn off the coloring of the message backgrounds.

Thanks for your reply. Too bad but expected I guess - the workaround will do in the meantime.

I believe the colors are fixed in SpamSieve 2.9.34b2.

Wow that was fast! Awesome - looking forward to it in prod.