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Is there/should there be flexibility in the columns or their order? Reading left to right in a records viewer window right now, I have:

a bunch of dots in the tags column (no tags)
blanks for the # column
title (which is often not useful and can even be misleading, but can be useful)
blank for From and To (since the folder in question has nothing to do with email)
Date Modified
File (useful)
Container (useful)

Clearly, this is not optimal for me. If I could just move columns around, I’d probably have File, Date Modified, Container, Tag. I might delete $, to, and from. If it were a mail library, then I’d do something different.

Yes, you can drag and drop columns to change their order. Click the ▾ or Control-click on a column header to choose which columns are visible.

Slick as a whistle. Thanks.