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Combining Corpuses?

Hello Michael,

I’m running SS 2.9.28 on two different Macs, both running macOS 10.12.5. I cloned the system from the stay-at-home MacBook Pro to the for-travel MacBook Air so I’d have as parallel a user experience as possible.

Mary and I left for the UK and Norway in June with the home MBP left on in order to provide email filtering for my iPhone and the MBA I’m carrying with me; the SS rule on the MBA was unchecked. Initially, the setup worked well. However, a few days into the trip the home machine stopped filtering. We have exchangers in the house, who might have fiddled with it, or perhaps the power went out and it didn’t restart, or something else happened. No matter.

To cut down the spam on the phone and MBA while we’re still traveling, I enabled SS filtering on the MBA. Because I don’t have a drone setup, I haven’t been able to “train” the home MBP corpus with the false negatives that have gotten through in the last month. (I’ve been watching the Spam mailbox on the MBA, and there have been no false positives.) So far, I haven’t trained the MBA corpus with this spam, but have segregated it in a distinct mailbox so it can be done if necessary or appropriate.

We’ll be home next week, and when I have access again to the MBP, I’d like its corpus to have the benefit of training with the spams the MBA has failed to identify while we’re on the road. I could just abandon this training, and take up with the MBP as it was before I left - that corpus was a bit better-performing than the one on the MBA.

This suggests two questions:

a) I could train the MBA corpus with the false negative spams. If I do so, is there a way to thereafter combine the MBP and the MBA corpuses on the MBP, so the MBP SS would have the benefit of this training?

b) Alternatively, perhaps I could move the these spam emails to MBP, and train its SS corpus directly.

What would you suggest?


David Brick
Santa Cruz, CA, but now in Molde, Norway

Hi David,

a) No, there isn’t currently a way to combine two corpora.

b) Yes, you could put the messages in a shared IMAP folder and then train them from the MBP. I think personally I wouldn’t bother with that since they weren’t mistakes for the MBP corpus, anyway.

Thanks, Michael. I assumed this training would be helpful to the MBP, but pre-trip it was already doing better than the MBA, so leaving it alone is sensible…and easier.