Combining Mailboxes and Errors Window

Hi Michael, since updating to 1.9.11 I am having difficulty combining mailboxes of the same name Current, Current (1) with my Apple Mail archive. Also, the error window appears with no errors in it. Wasn’t there a setting to only have it appear IF there are errors. Many thanks!

Are you trying to use the Merge Mailboxes command? Could you explain more specifically what you are doing and what’s happening?

If you had it open when quitting EagleFiler, it will open again when you relaunch EagleFiler. Other than that, it will only auto-open when an error actually occurs.

Yes, I am using the Merge Mailboxes command. After further investigation, it seems that I had 2 of the same mailboxes somehow, and I guess that’s why they would not combine. I will further check the error window as that might be a related issue. thanks, as always, Michael!

I would expect any two mailboxes to be able to be merged. What happened when you tried? Was the menu command enabled?

Sometimes it was greyed out, and I realized I was trying to combine a mailbox and a folder with the same name ( I don’t know how that happened). I think I may have been overly cautious when switching from an encrypted library to an unencrypted one when apple changed to end to end encryption. I wanted to work more easily with iOS.

Aha, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining.