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Coming over form Devonthink and Syncing

Hi There,
Though I was impressed by Devonthink the blocker was with their sync capabilities and sadly prevented me taking it further. I read here that work is being done on a more robust syncing system with Eaglefiler that would allow multiple computers to safely connect to a shared database.

Is would be really useful for me to hear if this is still the plan or if there is an ETA on when this may be released.

Any news on this much appreciated.

The only database software I could find that claims to have robust syncing (I haven’t yet tried it )was Yojimbo but the app was a little too light weight for my needs

Yours Sincerely

Right now, multiple computers can access a shared EagleFiler library so long as only one has it open in EagleFiler at a time. The other Macs can still access the files directly (via the Finder) and add new files. I would like to eventually support true concurrent access and syncing across multiple devices, however that is a longer term project, and it’s not close enough to being done to give you an ETA.