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Command Line packaging

Im trying to understand how to automate the DMG process.
I have a configuration set up which I am happy with.
I can drag an app to DropDMG and it creates a DMG that I am happy with.

What I would like to do is to get DropDMG to bundle my app into a DMG after it has completed codesigning (which I am using App Wrapper 3 to achieve)

The help says ‘look in terminal and type man dropdmg’
I did that and I can see that it is possible to specify a file and a configuration, but I cannot work out the syntax. (the examples dont show this)
The man dropdmg window says ‘see the help for more information’ and the help says ‘see man dropdmg’ … impasse

Has anyone an example for using the commandline to

package the newly signed myapp.app into the yet-to-be-created ‘myapp.dmg’ using the existing configuration ‘banana’

dropdmg --config-name "banana" myapp.app