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Compatability with MacBook Pro M1 chip

I recently purchased the new MacBook Pro. I had major problems with data migration between the new and old MacBooks so I reconnected to my dropbox files and downloaded a new copy of EagleFiler. I then tried to open the library file stored on Dropbox and it would not open. Any thoughts?

EagleFiler is fully compatible with M1 Macs, so there’s likely something else causing this problem. Does it report an error when you try to open the library? You could also try saving a diagnostic report (right after the problem occurs) to capture additional error information.

Thanks for sending the report. The log shows that macOS is reporting I/O errors when EagleFiler tries to read the files in that library. Do you perhaps have Dropbox set not to fully download the files? If so, changing that setting or copying the library out of the Dropbox folder should help.

Thanks Michael. Once again, I have never seen a developer respond so quickly