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Compiling tax documents for the accountant

Hi All,
I have been using EF for a while and my organizing system is tag dependent. I want to pull all the files I’ve tagged “taxes” throughout the year and offer them to my accountant.
I expect that my first step would be to select the ‘taxes’ tag and view the records it shows. From there what would be a good method to transfer them to the accountant?
She does not have EagleFiler. I don’t really want to email such sensitive items to her. I do not know her level of comfort or facility with cloud-based storage.

Your constructive suggestions are welcomed. Thanks all.


You can select all the records with that tag and then choose Export. This will copy the files to a folder that you select. Then you just need to transfer that folder to her. EagleFiler is not needed to access the folder’s contents.

If the file size is not a problem, you could use DropDMG to encrypt/compress the files before e-mailing them. Or you could burn them to a CD or copy them to a USB thumb drive.