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Completed the SpamSieve drone setup. Messages still going to Junk instead of Spam

I setup a Mac mini as a SS email drone in Apple Mail using an iCloud account. For some reason, many messages are still going to Junk instead of the new Spam folder on iCloud (about 10 are going to Junk to 1 going to Spam).

I have both rules set up (SpamSieve & Remote Learning) on drone
Uninstalled the SS Mail plugin

  • Removed SpamSieve plugin from other Mac running Apple Mail
  • Removed SS rules from other Mac running Apple Mail

Can you please advise what the problem is with this set up?

There’s likely nothing wrong with your setup. However, please note that you have configured it (as is standard) to move spam messages from the inbox to the Spam mailbox. If the iCloud server junk filter moves some messages directly to the Junk mailbox, so that they don’t go to the inbox, SpamSieve (and Mail rules in general) will not look at them and not touch them. For more information about this, please see this page.