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Concluding Initial Training

After a week of use, I presume my initial training (period) is drawing to a close. Is there anything special I should now do, e.g., reset some preference or such?

FWIW: My statistics-

Filtered Mail
676 Good Messages
54 Spam Messages (7%)
9 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
187 False Positives
12 False Negatives (6%)
72.7% Correct

353 Good Messages
82 Spam Messages (19%)
45,258 Total Words

114 Blocklist Rules
453 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
9/13/13 11:28 AM

The initial training period is not meant to be ongoing for a week. You are meant to immediately train SpamSieve with the recommended number and ratio of messages when you install it. Then the initial training is done and you only need to correct the mistakes.

In your case, the accuracy is much lower than normal, possibly because you trained SpamSieve with 19% spam messages (instead of 65%). If you have more saved spam messages, you could train it with them to improve the ratio. Otherwise, I would suggest resetting the corpus and redoing the initial training.

Gottit (I think). But is there a setting or such I should enable to end the training?

No. The initial training is done whenever you stop training SpamSieve with non-mistakes. And you are always supposed to keep training it with the mistakes.

Finally, I understand.

As always, my thanks!