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Conflicted copy files?

A lot of my folders (not all) seem to contain files of this name format:

EagleFiler Metadata (douglernerb692’s conflicted copy 2010-09-11)

I never noticed these before.

Are they important? Can I delete them?


The conflict files are not created by EagleFiler, so it doesn’t need them. Are you using some sort of syncing software between two Macs? Conflicts like this should be impossible unless you are opening the library in EagleFiler before the sync has completed.

Well, the EagleFiler library itself is in my DropBox folder.

Other than that I do make a Carbon Copy Cloner copy of my entire bootable disk each night, but that’s one-way.

I can’t think of anything else that is synching.


It’s Dropbox: See https://www.dropbox.com/help/36

Ah. Thanks. That sort of reduces the usefulness of using DropBox for syncing EagleFiler with my iOS devices.

I’m still hoping to find a good solution for that which doesn’t add artifacts.



Doug probably already knows this, but I want to emphasize that Dropbox won’t add artifacts/conflicts if you follow the instructions to let it finish syncing before opening and after closing the library in EagleFiler.

Actually, I had overlooked that piece of information.

Thanks, Michael.


I just went to look at the instructions and I think I understand my confusion. There it says:

Dropbox is a free service for sharing files between Macs and accessing them from the Web or an iPhone or iPad. It’s somewhat like an iDisk, but much faster. After editing your library with one Mac, make sure that both it and the second Mac have fully synced with the Dropbox server (that is, the icon in the menubar no longer shows spinning arrows) before opening the library on the second Mac. To make sure that your files’ metadata is synced, use Dropbox 1.0 or later.

In my case, there was no 2nd Mac involved so I didn’t think this applied.


You’re right. But if you’re only accessing the files from one Mac, it should be impossible to have any conflicts with Dropbox. Your Mac should always have the latest versions of all the files. Did you perhaps restore your local Dropbox folder from a backup? With a single Mac, that’s the only way that comes to mind for how you could end up with older files than what’s on the server.

All the files have a name like:

EagleFiler Metadata (douglernerb692’s conflicted copy 2010-09-11).plist

For all the files it’s the same 2010-09-11 date in the title.

I suppose it could have happened after returning from my summer trip to the U.S. last year and restored my iMac from my CCC portable drive that I had been using with my MBP during travel.