Confused about licence


I have just purchased a “Family or 2 Users” upgrade licence for SpamSieve 3, but I am confused as to what that permits.

I have two machines, a Mac Mini and a MacBook AIr and my wife has a MacBook Pro. Since the family is 2 users, clearly I can upgrade my wife’s installation, but is that “2 users” or “family”? If I upgrade her, does that mean I cannot use that licence on my MacBook Air? Does “family” actually mean members of the family all with accounts on a single machine?

What it boils down to is, do I have to purchase another licence so that SpamSieve 3 can be used on all three machines?



It’s 2 users (e.g. for a business) or a family. For a family, you can use it on unlimited Macs within the same household, so you do not need an additional license for your 3 Macs and 2 people.

Thank you very much. That’s very good to know.