Confused about why EagleFiler is not displaying attachments

I purchased EagleFiler a couple years ago and I’m finally getting around to archiving my emails.

I did some test imports and everything seemed to import fine (no errors reported) but I don’t understand why EagleFiler doesn’t display my mail attachments. It shows that they’re in the email but I can only view them by double-clicking a message which then opens it in Mail app. This is not the behaviour I want.

Is there an option to get all attachments to display inline in EagleFiler or at least allow me to right-click on an attachment and choose open in Preview or MS Word, for example? Or even just allow me to save the attachment to the Desktop or Downloads? Because neither option works from within EagleFiler. I always have to open the message in Mail first.

I don’t want to have to use Mail app for anything once the messages are archived in EagleFiler. I want to be able to view attachments within EagleFiler or right-click and choose “Open With . . .” and also to save attachments from Mail messages in EagleFiler to any folder on my Mac or attached drives or local network shares. Is this possible?

You can use the Message ‣ Use Quick Look command in the View menu or the Quick Look command in the the Record menu to preview attached images.

Those are features that we plan to add. To be clear, currently Mail is only being used as a display engine for the attachments. They are stored within EagleFiler.

That’s great news.

Re: Quick Look

When I use Quick Look, JPGs will display, but PDFs and DOC files don’t. Only the file thumbnail is displayed. Is that the expected behaviour? I thought Apple’s Quick Look plugins can display PDFs and DOCs within applications as well as the Finder.


They can, as can EagleFiler, but the Quick Look plug-in for e-mail messages doesn’t do that—only for standalone files.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Strange that Apple didn’t bake in that capability.

Thanks for clarifying.