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Confusion about deleting duplicate messages

I’ve merged my mailboxes (in the records list) down to one. I have many duplicate messages–probably because of mistakes in the past importing.

When I select the mailbox in the record, and all of the messages in the display window, and run the script, I get a message that I have not selected a mailbox — that I should be selecting a mailbox from the records list. What I doing wrong? (I see the stuff in the manual about mbox vs. eml, but I thought I’d been importing as mbox.)

Click on Records in the source list at the left and then select your mailbox in the records list at the top-right.

I’ll try this when I get home to my Mac. Sounds like clicking on the mailbox in the source list and not records was my mistake.

Okay, I’m now on the right track. But is this normal behavior–The script has been running for 14 hours. There is no sign in the activity Window that Eaglefiler is doing anything, but the gear in the Mac toolbar is spinning away, indicating that the script is running. The number of messages remains unchanged.

That seems slow to me, but I guess it depends on the size of the mailbox. The script page has some notes about the speed on my Mac for various mailbox sizes. In Activity Monitor, you should see the “formail” process doing stuff. The numbers in EagleFiler won’t change until it’s done.

Yes, I see formail stuff in the activity monitor. Good.

Eaglefiler has been re-indexing this mail archive for days now. The script seems to have worked, creating a “NewMailbox.mbox” that seems to have one of every email I need, alongside my original mailbox, which seems to contain all the original emails, including duplicates.

That would suggest that I delete the original mbox when it’s done indexing. Do I have that right?

Or you could save time by stopping the indexing and deleting the original mailbox now.