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Confusion About Importing

I am evaluating Eaglefiler for purchase and confused about importing.

I understand importing fles and such from webpages, but shouldn’t everything in the documents folder of Mac Lion simply automatically be included in Eaglefiler when I drop it in there? Do I have to put it in the Documents folder and then import it into eagle filer?

This is not clear to me from looking thru the threads and the manual.

I have massive numbers of historical files and I really want something to organize them with, hence my interest in Eaglefiler.

Am I missing the boat on the purpose of Eaglefiler? Is it really just a big clipboard?

Thank you,

No, because some people don’t want to manage all their documents with EagleFiler. Or they may want to divide them among multiple EagleFiler libraries.

You could do that, but then you’d end up with duplicate copies of the file. Instead, you could create new files within EagleFiler (e.g. via stationery) or put your files directly into your library’s Files folder.

That sounds like a good fit for EagleFiler.