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congrats on the new version

I love the new options when dragging and dropping. This is the single most useful piece of software I have.

There are some great new features. I don’t know how I’d manage without EagleFiler.

I’m sorry to say I don’t like the new icon much, though. It renders horribly on my machine.

I will agree with that quibble: the icon in my dock now looks fuzzy and perhaps slightly too small …

You can use the OldApplicationIcon estoteric preference to switch back to the old cartoon-style icon. (This change will only be in effect while EagleFiler is running.)

Thank you, Michael.

I hadn’t got around to reading the updated manual yet, so I had a look inside the bundle and switched the names of the icon resource files to get the old icon back. I’ll now put it back to the way it was and use the esoteric preference. Thanks for all those esoteric preferences, by the way; a very elegant way to manage it compared to

defaults write . . . 

or over-busy dialogs.