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Constant EagleFiler Errors with PDFs

I am getting frequent errors that are now affecting the data I am working so hard to curate.

As I move and reorganize my mostly PDF library, it takes but a few minutes to get the following message:
EagleFiler could not save the library
Could not merge changes.
NSCocoaErrorDomain: 133020

So I quit or close the library and I get this on re-open:
The trash for “Documentation and Reference” contains one or more records whose files are missing.

I click Forget and while the PDFs are there and moved to the folder they should be in, important metadata, like the source URL are gone, PLUS the old reference to the PDF is there with all the metadata EXCEPT the PDF itself.

I have this in my local Documents folder and iCloud sync is turned off, so there are no other Macs accessing this db, like some of the other issues raised in the forum.

I started this process because I thought the number of objects was too much, but looking at other articles here, it shouldn’t be too much. Just to be sure, this is everything in my main library:
3,658 Records
109 Folders
2 HTML Files
3 Images
7 Microsoft Word (2007) Documents
3,201 PDFs
1 RTF Document
79 Records
5 Text Files
251 Web Archives

Please help. I don’t know what else to do.

This sounds like either some other cloud/sync process is modifying the database while you are using it or the file is damaged.

For Forget button doesn’t move any files. It tells EagleFiler not to warn you about missing files in the trash because you’ve already deleted the files.

What does “there” refer to? Does “except” mean that the PDF file is missing?

It’s definitely not too much. And a large library would be slower but not more likely to have errors like this.

I suggest that you create a backup of the library as it is now and then rebuild it.

For this, I am taking something from one folder (usually Unfiled) and moving it to an appropriate folder. The file is tagged and has a source URL. When I move it and get the message immediately, I quit or close. When I re-open the library, that record is in both places. The record in Unfiled has all the metadata, including the source URL, but no PDF attached. The second record in the “right” place (where I moved it to), has proper title, tags, and filename, but no source URL.

Per your first answer, I have turned off Google Drive protection/backup of my Documents folder. That is the only app I am aware of that is even touching Documents. Hopefully this will resolve it.

OK, that is what I would expect to happen if the database can’t be saved. The PDF file gets moved, since the database didn’t save EagleFiler still thinks it’s in the old location, and then it discovers the “new” file in the new location and creates a new record with blank metadata for that. So fixing the database saving problem will fix this, too.