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Contact e-mail to send data for problem resolution

I sent reports and screen shots (as outlined at manual section 8.4) to spamsieve@c-command.com on 14, 18 and 23 August, but no reply yet. Am I using the correct address?

The proper address for sending logs and reports is spamsieve-fn@c-command.com, although spamsieve@c-command.com (the general support address) is fine, too. We respond to e-mails within one business day (usually less), so if you don’t get a reply that means we didn’t get your message. I’ve checked our e-mail archive (including spam) and found no messages from evfit.com in the last two weeks. Please re-send your report and, if possible, use a different e-mail account in case something is blocking the outgoing evfit.com mail.

Another option would be to submit your question via private message in the forum.

Thank you, Michael. I have installed SpamSieve at home (the evfit.com address) and at work (natsoc.org.au address). The e-maiI I sent you was from the latter address about the installation there. The file was quite large (8MB with screen shots), so I’ll break it up to re-send it.

Aha, that could explain it. We don’t have a limit on receiving messages, but some sending and relaying mail servers do drop larger messages. I only need to see the most recent log file, and you can compress it to save space.