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Context Menu, and Rules, in Mojave


I’ve just upgraded from High Sierra (I had a bunch of 32 bit apps that I still needed) to Mojave, and after granting SpamSieve Full Disk Access and restarting both Apple Mail and SpamSieve I noticed that the Context Menu in the dock is sort of greyed out. The four commands SpamSieve adds (Show Corpus, Show Statistics, Open Log and Preferences) don’t work. Is there a check I should set?

I also notice that Apple Mail reverts the checks on the various rules. Is this known? Is there something I can do?


Never mind, I just noticed that all the usual SpamSieve commands weren’t there either. I noticed that there is a new thing in the Preferences where I enable SpamSieve as a plugin. Now the Context Menu and the SpamSieve commands show themselves and the Rules are enabled once again.

I think everything is okay…

Just saw I had gotten mail, checked the log and saw that it was processed by SpamSieve. everything is a-okay.

Thanks for the perfect helpscreens because they helped me figure it out by myself.

I think this is probably because SpamSieve was showing an alert window at the time. That temporarily disables all menu commands.