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Contextual Menu and Mail

Are there any plans to add a right-click contextual menu option to allow us to train SpamSieve within Mail? I have the message preview pane open below my message list, and it would be wonderful to be able to right-click on the message in the top pane and be able to instruct SpamSieve to train on the message. I know I can access the menu for those options, but right-clicking has become much more accepted in the Mac world, and seems a logical extension.

…or can SpamSieve already do that and I have something messed up in my settings?

Michael, this is a phenomenal product, and I really appreciate your long-term commitment and support over the years!

–> John



Excellent, and thanks for the quick reply!

–> John

Any news on this planned contextual menu from 12 years ago??

It is a priority for 3.0.

Awesome, thanks.

Will 3.0 be coming out soon?

I’m working on it now. It will be out when it’s ready.