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control-command-G sometimes crashes Apple email

This has happened on occasion and I have to restart mail. Hard to reproduce because most often control-command-G works as expected.

I checked SpamSieve Log.log and all I see is the following
no indication of why spam sieve crashed and why it took mail client down as well.

Launched: 2.9.47 (2947060) on macOS 10.15.7
Date: 2022-01-10 09:03:31 -0500 (EST)

SpamSieve and Mail are in separate processes, so one crashing shouldn’t affect the other. If there’s no evidence that SpamSieve itself crashed, most likely Mail crashed for its own reasons. There’s more information about that here.


Thank you for responding. I am not complaining and will convert my trial version to a paid version.

All I know is that before using SpamSieve apple mail never crashed. When it crashes, so does,
SpamSieve and I assume then SpamSieve is somehow a child of the mail client, but the activity monitor suggests SpamSieve is a child of launchd. My point is that both apps go down at the same time.

Terminal doesn’t seem to support all the Linux/Unix commands I am use to relative to ps to ascertain parent/child relationship.


They are sibling processes. However, there is a preference, enabled by default, to make SpamSieve quit if it detects that Mail is no longer running. So it’s normal that it will disappear if Mail crashes.

Is the SpamSieve crash reporter window coming up? Do you see SpamSieve crash log files in the DiagnosticReports folder? If not, it probably didn’t crash.

Like I said, there is information about Mail crashes here. The Mail crash log will show why it crashed. For example, it’s possible that Mail’s own junk database is damaged and that’s why it’s crashing in response to a training command. In that case you would want to reset its database.

Michael, thank you again for responding. I did not see a crash report window. console->diagnostic reports does not appear to have entries for SpamSieve. In console->crash reports, the lsd process crashed at the time I believe of the mail incident. I believe I have attached that file to this response. Perhaps it is unrelated. I do appreciate your timely and knowledgeable responses. I have been involved with Unix since 1976 and I have an immense appreciation related to customer support.

Doesn’t lsd launch SpamSieve ?

lsd_2022-01-09-142201_Jonathans-iMac.crash (54.1 KB)

Thanks - Jonathan

I don’t think lsd launches SpamSieve. In any case, SpamSieve would have already been running at the time of the crash. Did you see any Mail crash log files? Please check the DiagnosticReports folder rather than relying on Console.

There is nothing in the Diagnostic Reports folder, except an old folder called "retired:, that has nothing in it.

The activity monitor shows SpamSieverLaunchAgent, SpamSieveHelper and SpamSieve all under launchd in the hierarchy.

At this point it doesn’t matter. I will look at the mail hints you pointed me to. My only goal was to share with you my experience, and as I said, this happens so infrequently that it is not an issue.

Thanks - Jonathan

I wonder if maybe the system crash reporter is disabled on your Mac. You can enable it by entering this Terminal command:

defaults write com.apple.CrashReporter DialogType crashreport

Either that or maybe Mail was quitting for some reason other than a crash.

Michael, I just entered the defaults write command you suggested. I also reviewed that portion of the help/manual where you discuss reasons for apple mail crash and I’m not sure I can correlate what I did to those observations. In the rare times it happened, mail either “crashed” or just exited when I, manually, tagged a message as good. When mail came back and SpamSieve came back, I was able to tag said message. It is almost as if there is a memory leak or memory violation someplace - but of course without logs, I’m just guessing. Unfortunately on my iMac I am stuck with catalina (my fusion drive broke - internal HD broke twice and I am booting off internal SD with data on external HD, and for some reason I can’t upgrade). But when I convert from trial to purchase, I will buy the family option and install on my wifes Monterry MacBook as well. If I see strange behavior I will report. I appreciate you not letting this go, I am still a happy customer.

Since it happened when training, it’s very likely to be a problem with Mail’s junk database (#4), which you can reset or turn off by clicking this link.

OK, I clicked the link and set the Spam Sieve flag as you suggest. I will report again if the problem resurfaces.
Thank you - Jonathan