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Controlling EF windows location


as EF is more and more important for my workflow, I kind of need more and more controls for the GUI locations…

Here is what I mean: I use my notebook as one-screen device when out of office, at home,… EF windows need to be on this one main display.

But, when in my office, I use external display as the main display and best EF windows location is on the secondary display so I can easily drop stuff in and open from there. Stacked would be even better, some programs like MS office have “arrange all” which I do not seem to see in EF.

Every morning, after waking my system up and connecting external display I have to go and move all open EF windows to the secondary display. Kind of annoyance.

Does anyone know about Apple script which would move all windows of specific application to specific display? I searched web and found quite a few scripts to move windows, but even after messing with them for half hour all I get is unpredictable moves. Also, I am using main display on right of the secondary, which seem unusual and makes those scripts I can find challenging to modify.

I found application “Breeze” (free) which can do some of this job, but seem to move only one window at a time, I’d like to move all at once. I suspect AppleScript is solution, but this is bit above my abilities.



You should check out Moom. It makes it really easy to create snapshots of window layouts for different display configurations. You can switch them manually via a menu command or have it automatically switch when it detects that you’ve plugged or unplugged a display.


that looks like great solution. Thanks a lot.