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Conversation marked with [SPAM?]

First time poster, recent user. Been using SpamSieve for about four months now. I switched about three weeks ago from Mail because it’s horrible in the Yosemite beta. Sheesh. Started using Postbox.

These recently showed up (see attached image.)

I’ve been reading the boards most of the day trying to find a solution but how to I tell Postbox that this is NOT spam. None of the individual messages are marked as spam, in fact, they are all in my address book. But for some reason it appears to be flagging the entire conversation as possible spam.




I think this just means that your server junk filter thought that the first message in the conversation was spam, and it tagged the message’s subject to indicate this. It looks like the message was not marked as spam by SpamSieve, so Postbox already thinks it’s not spam. There’s nothing further that you need to do.

I see so since I’m using IMAP that is on the server end. Because after you email I went and checked some of the responses I’ve already filed onto my computer folder to see if I understood correctly and they don’t say SPAM.

Got it. Thanks. Makes sense.