Converting an EF library on a read-write DMG to a read-only DMG?

I’d like to take an EF library that is stored on a read-write DMG with the indexes all current and convert that DMG to read-only. The library is not on a sparse image created by EF, but a DMG I created to capture this Library’s contents.

My first attempt was to only convert the DMG to read-only compressed (UDZO). EF doesn’t care for this as it wants to update data on the volume when the library is opened.

Is there an accepted way to support this? I’m not asking to add this as a feature. I am curious if there is a way to help EF handle this situation gracefully.

Many thanks!

Currently, it’s not possible to open a library that’s on a read-only volume. You could use the read-only compressed disk image to compactly store the library, but you would need to copy it to another volume or convert the disk image to read-write before opening it with EagleFiler. (The files within the library are, of course, directly accessible from the read-only volume.)

Understood. I thought this would be the case and wanted to confirm.

Thanks for such a quick response, Michael. Much appreciated.