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Converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2011

I recently switched from Outlook to Apple Mail, which was a relatively simple method.

But after having used Outlook for so long, i am not able to work my way as well on Apple Mail as i used to on Outlook 2011.

Now that i want to get back to Outlook 2011, i am not able to find any option to migrate all my mails back.

Kindly help out

I don’t think this is really an EagleFiler question. It looks like Outlook 2011 has a built-in feature for importing from Apple Mail.

Hey Robert,

So as Michael mentioned this forum is related to EagleFiler Questions.
But i know that Outlook does not provide with the functionality of an import function to the users who wish to make a switch from Apple Mail to Outlook.

So here is the solution,
You Can either make use of an IMAP account to sync your mails in your new email account.
This could take a bit of a time and require not much but a little technical knowledge.

The other simpler and eaier method is to make use of a paid thrid party app, the one i can recommend is Mail Exporter Pro.
It is said to be the best converter for this purpose.

I hope this helps.

Bill is right that Outlook can’t directly import from Apple Mail. I must have been thinking Entourage. The IMAP suggestion is a good one. You could also use EagleFiler to import from Apple Mail and then use Outlook to import from EagleFiler.

Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 converter
Hi Robert,

In Apple Mail, EMLX file is used to store emails as a plain text file. This file can be viewed through any text editor.
As per your requirement, you should convert EMLX file into RGE file. This file can be opened or imported into Outlook 2011.
However, there is no manual method available for EMLX to RGE conversion but it can be done through automated utility. In my knowledge, you can try Stellar Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 converter.

It is available with free demo version to check software’s reliability & result in preview mode.
To find its free demo version, reach at: