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Converting from mbox to .eml in an EagleFiler Library

My emails in my EagleFiler library are in monolithic text files. I suppose those are in the mbox format, despite the files having no file extensions. Now, I would like to convert these files to the .eml format while maintaining the current folder structure and other email properties.

I understand that by dragging the messages to another folder, EagleFiler with extract the message and save it as a .eml file. However, I would like to find an automated solution since I have many mbox files.

My final goal is actually to be able to search my emails using InfoClick. InfoClick supports email search if the email messages are in the .eml or .emlx file formats.

Thank you.

Sorry, but there’s no built-in feature of EagleFiler to automate this, and I’m not aware of another app that would do that bulk conversion. For large amounts of mail, EagleFiler works much faster and more efficiently if the messages are in mailbox files rather than message files. What sort of search are you trying to do using InfoClick that you can’t do in EagleFiler?

Thank you for your quick reply.

In InfoClick, I usually search by contact and text contents. If needed, I also add dates and mailboxes, amongst the other available search fields. You can also input search terms to exclude. What’s really nice about InfoClick is that as you start to enter a search term it gives you a list of possible search terms to select that are in the index. You don’t have to remember the exact email address for a contact, for instance. A few letters will often get you there. It has been easy for me to drill down to the email that I am looking for by using InfoClick. I haven’t found this capability anywhere else, at least in this as easy to use implementation.

By the way, for the purposes of extracting messages from mbox files to folders as .eml files, is using the menu command Record → Move To > equivalent to dragging individual messages to a folder?

Thank you.

Thanks for explaining. Aside from auto-completing possible search terms, I think all of this can be done with EagleFiler smart folders. I’m working on adding better contacts support and other enhancements to make them easier to use.

Yes, Move To in the menu is equivalent to drag and drop.