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Converting to IMAP

I am using Eudora (6.2) on a Mac and want to convert from POP to IMAP. One of my personalities is on a Comcast ISP (ids.net). When I first converted Eudora, I got the messaage that my IMAP server does not support the UIDPLUS extension and that Spamsieve was being disabled for this personality until the server was upgraded to send COPYUID.

Sounds like I can’t use Spamsieve with IMAP on this server. True?

FYI, I’m doing this so that I can read mail remotely using a webmail client without seeing all the spam that comes in to that server, so if there is a workaround that would be helpful too.

Eudora ordinarily will not apply SpamSieve or its built-in junk mail filter unless the IMAP server supports UIDPLUS, however there is a workaround.

I tried the workaround, but still got the error message.

But first I need to understand the principle here. The benefit of IMAP over POP is that the e-mail stays on the server rather than coming to the client. But if Spamsieve is running on the client, how can it possibly filter the messages that never come to the client? If that is possible, I want Spamsieve to remove the chaff and leave the wheat on the server so, when away, I can leave it running to do its work and then just get the good messages while I am travelling with some version of webmail.

Sort of. You can also leave the messages on the server using POP. However, with IMAP you can have multiple mailboxes on the server and move messages between them. The changes will be automatically synchronized between multiple mail clients.

The messages do come to the client with IMAP. This is necessary so that Eudora knows what to display in the message list and so SpamSieve can determine whether they are spam.

Exactly. The spam gets deleted from the server (or moved to a separate mailbox), and the good messages stay in the inbox on the server so that another mail client such as Web mail will only see the wheat. I’m sorry that it doesn’t look like this is going to work with your server and Eudora. If you’re a paid Eudora user perhaps you could get Qualcomm to help with this. You could also try Apple Mail, which as far as I know does not require the IMAP server to support UIDPLUS.