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Copy and Paste

New use of Drop DMG. I basically use it to create encrypted folders for storage sensitive information in one of the cloud services. I was trying it out and I did encrypt the folder and used a passphrase I generated in 1Password. When I went to open the file, I copied the passphrase from 1Password but could not paste into the appropriate window which asked for the passphrase. I have several other apps that encrypt files and folders, but they do allow for pasting. I know I can open the folder by saving the passphrase in the keychain or using the mount image from configuration option. First, why cannot I copy and paste the passphrase? Second, am I being too paranoid in not storing the passphrase in my keychain (1Password)?

The window asking for your passphrase to mount the encrypted disk image is from the system, not DropDMG. Apple has decided that it’s more secure if pasting is disallowed.

If you want, you can mount the disk images using DropDMG, which will let you paste.

Personally, I store such passphrases in 1Password but not the system keychain.

Thank you