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Copying information files to another computer

I’ve followed the directions that I found in your help and also a google about moving training info to another computer. I copied the Spam training folder in App Support and the com… plist in Preferences according to your instructions for copying to another computer.

I have a new computer that I’m trying to move the info to and an old one that is still running and will for awhile until I can get the new one setup and working correctly.

Today I turned on the new computer first and, I have 4 IMAP accounts that all had about 160-250 emails in them. I then turned on the old computer and after a bit noticed that the numbers of emails on the new computer decreased to 20-30 each. So the old computer is doing extra filtering that the new is not.

what did I miss ?


IMAP mailboxes are automatically synced, so any spam messages moved out of the inbox on one Mac will not appear in the inbox on the other. Please also see the SpamSieve and Multiple Macs page.

Yes, I understand IMAP. I did look at the multiple mac page and understand it. My point is that I copied all the files from the original mac to the new mac. If I turn on the new mac only the filtering that would happen on the original mac does not happen, and it should if I have the right files copied. Only when I turn on the original mac does filtering happened (on both machines as expected) … from 200+ emails down to under 10 for all 4 email accounts.

Mail only filters (applies the rules) to new messages that arrive in the inbox. It’s not clear to me which files you copied, or how, but perhaps Mail on that Mac did not see the messages as new.

Files copied as per your directions page. Spamsieve off on both machines, copied folder and com . plist file to USB drive, moved to another computer and place in the appropriate locations after removing the same file and directory that was there already.

Started Spamsieve up and did another install addon to Mac Mail, then started Mac Mail.

Today I only started the new machine. According to directions it should be doing filtering like the old machine, right ? I got about 200+ emails in each of my 4 accounts. Original machine where data came from was not on. I waited about 10 mins to see if any additional filtering going to happen, just got more spam.

Then I turned on the original machine and then mail on the new machine went down to under 5 and none in some accounts. The original Mac had about 1 or 2.

Yes, but how did you copy the files for Mail itself? Did you check your Mail rules?

I recommend removing other plug-ins when troubleshooting.

I only added Spamsieve

missed something
No didn’t copy mail files, I’m searching for those now… I think I might have the same idea… that it might be Junk mail that’s catching them ??? Any help where that info is located ? thanks

At this point, you probably just need to set up the SpamSieve plug-in and rule, as noted in the original instructions that you referred to.

did that as I noted above. I’m followed those instructions exactly.

Did you test the rule, as indicated?

You can test whether it’s just a Mail issue by renaming the SpamSieve rule to “Move to Spam”. Then, if Mail is actually applying the rules, it will move all the incoming messages to the Spam mailbox. (They do not need to be trained as good because SpamSieve did not put them there.)

that may help, did not do that one. I’ll see how it run, thanks

This seems to be working much better today.


thanks again
Your last suggestion seemed to do the job and I wanted to say thanks again.