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Copying meta data

When capturing an image URI from Safari the result isn’t a JPEG file but a webarchive (which I consider a bug) While this works fine in EF opening it in Safari won’t work when offline (just stupid of it).

Working around that by saving the image to disk and importing the file means loosing meta such as the source URI.

Since there will always be situations where the user would choose a different format than EF I’d suggest adding metadata copying between entries.

This way I could capture the image from Safari, see that it’s not ideal, re-capture it as a file, bring over the meta, delete the webarchive.

For now I’ll try adjusting http://c-command.com/scripts/eaglefiler/duplicate-records

EagleFiler is designed to only download HTML pages as Web archives. Other types of files (including JPEGs) are saved in their native formats. I just tested this on my Mac, and it seems to work. If you are seeing different behavior, please tell me:

  1. What is the URL of the image that you were trying to capture?
  2. Which versions of Safari and Mac OS X are you using?
  3. Are some images downloaded as images, or do they all (that you’ve tried) download as Web archives?

There’s a command in the Edit menu to copy the source URL. Here’s a script to “paste” it onto a different record.

set _url to the clipboard
tell application "EagleFiler"
    tell browser window 1
        set _records to selected records
        repeat with _record in _records
            set _record's source URL to _url
        end repeat
    end tell
end tell

It was on Blogger, which depending on the referrer delivers image URLs as HTML pages displaying the image and uses JS to hide that fact by adjusting the window title…

So EF isn’t at fault.

I still think adding “Paste (over) meta only” would be a menu entry well spent in preparation of eventualities.

Thanks for the script.