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Copying tags related conditions into the Actions window


In some instances I would like a record that I drop into a smart folder to acquire many/all of the tags in the smart folder conditions. But if I highlight a series of tags in a condition and then try to paste them in the Add tags field under the Actions tab, it pastes the tag as one text string with semi colons, but does not recognize the string as individual tags.

This is different from the behavior of the application if I were to paste the selfsame string into another condition field in a different smart folder. It would be extremely helpful if I could perform the same copy and paste operation between the Conditions and Actions tabs. Actually, a wicked helpful feature would be a checkbox that would appear next to a condition only if it is a Tags - Contains all of type of condition, which would give me the option to assign all the tags in the condition to a record dropped into the smart folder.



Thanks for the report. This sounds like a bug. While I’m working on a fix, you might want to try editing the plist directly, like I mentioned in the other thread.

Excellent - I will do that. Will also be interesting whether I could duplicate entire smart folder structures, which I may want to do.


This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.6.

Great, thanks!