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create encrypted segmented dmg without typing password for every segment

hello guys,

i want to create encrypted segmented dmg’s. the problem is, the user have to type in the password for each segment. on strong passwords it had more failures of mistyping the password, especially without copy and paste.

is there any way to create a segmented dmg with typing in the password only for the first segment and then the other segments decrypt automatically?

excuse my bad english, but german is my native language and many thanks for help…


This is not something that can be changed in the .dmg file itself. It has to do with the software that’s opening the encrypted .dmg. Unfortunately, if you double-click the .dmg file the OS will ask for the passphrase for each segment. However, if you use DropDMG’s Mount Image… command, you only have to enter the passphrase once.

at first, many thanks for quickly answer.

ok, when i mount the segmented dmg-file directly in mac osx, e.g. with diskimagemounter i have to type the passphrase for each part. for typing passphrase each once a time, every user needs dropdmg to open the segmented, encrypted dmg? is it right so or do i have a mental failure? if it is, then it’s better to use another program, especially betterzip, for larger files, right?

many thanks for support…

Yes, unless the user mounts it with DropDMG.

Another option would be to use two layers of disk images. Make one big encrypted .dmg, put it in a folder, then make a (non-encrypted) segmented .dmg of the folder. Then the user would only be prompted once.