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CreateDate field of Word files from Stationary Folder

I have a Word document in the Stationary Folder that I use to create pages of notes (similar to Evernote/OneNote etc). I want to automate the addition of the date, so I tried inserting the Word field Date and Time > CreateDate. However, when I create a new document based on the template in the stationary folder, and update the fields, it still shows the creation date as when the template itself was created, not when the new file based on that template was created. I’m creating the record from the New Record dropdown on the toolbar and selecting the Word template. This is Word 2011. Does EagleFiler not set the creation date of the word document such that Word can use it for the CreateDate field? Is this something that can be changed?


EagleFiler sets the standard Mac creation date on the file itself. It sounds like you are wanting it to set a field inside of the document. That’s not currently possible. To do that, EagleFiler would need to understand the particular file format of the stationery document. Mac OS X does have support for writing to Word files, and it looks like it supports the creation date field. So EagleFiler could potentially set the date. However, the OS does not support the entire Word file format, which could lead to data loss if your stationery document uses any unsupported features.

I figured it was because of something Word-specific. No worries. Thanks for the reply! I might end up using SaveDate or something else in its place, which does update as desired.