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Creation date modified using iDisk

I’m using iDisk to access the same EagleFiler library from both my desktop and laptop. I modified about 30 files today from the desktop, then synchronized the iDisk and close the library.

When the laptop was synchronized with iDisk, and then the EagleFiler library opened, all of the changed files have creation dates of today. Reopening the library from the desktop still shows correct creation dates.

It seems to act as though the modification date and creation date are interchangeable, but only on one computer. (In this case, the laptop.)

Both systems have the same versions of software (OS X 10.5.8, EagleFiler 1.4.7).

Any suggestions on the cause or how correct this situation?


Looking at the files with the Finder indicates different creation dates at the Finder level. That leads me to believe that this is probably not an issue with EagleFiler, but instead with iDisk synchronization.

I’m still interested in any suggestions though.

You should always sync after closing the library. In other words, don’t sync while the library is open.

My understanding is that Apple’s iDisk syncing does not preserve the creation dates. You could work around this by using an encrypted library.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I considered using an encrypted library, and I may settle on that as the solution. The issue there is the amount of time it takes to synchronize a library. Mine is about 14 MB, and an encrypted disk is a bit larger. A small change, such as adding a few words to a text document, results in a multi-megabyte synchronization to iDisk. In the end, that may be the only solution.

Multi-megabyte, yes, but with a sparse bundle encrypted library it will only have to synchronize the band files that have changed.