Current AppleScript Reference Manuals & Tutorials

Can anyone recommend a good, current set of reference book(s) and/or tutorial(s) for an experienced hand at bash/zsh/Python programming? My eyesight is failing so something online that supports variable font sizing would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Apple’s AppleScript Language Guide is a good reference that’s available online and easy to search.

My favorite AppleScript book is AppleScript: The Definitive Guide. It’s especially good for people who already know some other scripting or programming language. Last updated in 2006, but AppleScript hasn’t changed that much since then. The most important addition is probably AppleScriptObjC. and the Late Night Software forums are also good resources.

I’ve heard good things about AppleScript 1-2-3, and some of it is available online, but I’ve not read it myself.

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Thank you very much for the reply. :smiley:

I see that there is a Kindle version of

so I’ll purchase that.

@Michael_Tsai , I was rummaging around the Apple Documentation Archive on the Apple Developer site and came across this:

I started reading it and, so far, am liking it.

I think that’s the first link I posted above. :slight_smile: It’s definitely a good resource, and I often use it because it’s easier to navigate than the Kindle version of the Neuburg book, but there’s a lot in the book that you won’t find in Apple’s documentation.

Just to attack this from a very different angle - you can vary the image size (hence the font) on the screen using vertical scroll on the mouse whilst holding down the command key. I’ve been using a Mac for 8 years and only found out recently! I hope this helps, Anthony PS I’ve also asked for AppleScript book recommendations elsewhere and AppleScript 1-2-3 was the popular choice.

Thank you for the tip. :smile: