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Current Email Sent to SPAM when filters are run

Has anyone else seen this behavior? I am using Mail.app on OS X 10.5.2, but this behavior has been going on since TIger. I reported to support several months ago, and the suggested reinstalling, deleting the corpus, and retraining. All of which I did, but the behavior persists.

I get upwards of 1,000 emails a day, and I cannot do without Spam Sieve, but at the same time, I have had some very important emails sent off to the SPAM folder without my knowing it, and have gotten into some trouble because I missed important information from customers and supervisors.

It gets old saying that my Spam Sieve ate my “homework” especially when it involves critical system administration information.

I am wondering if anyone else has seen this happen with their email.

PS I have sat down to write email to the support staff from my original contact with them, but gotten sidetracked when the original email got plucked out of my viewer and sent off to the SPAM folder.

Are these customers and supervisors in your address book? Had you ever previously received good messages from them?

Are you saying that an old e-mail, which you received long ago, was suddenly moved into the Spam mailbox?

Based on what you’ve said above, my guess is that these problems are not due to SpamSieve. First, unless you’re using an unusual SpamSieve configuration where you’ve turned off the whitelist and address book, it should be impossible for messages from regular correspondents to be classified as spam. Second, SpamSieve never re-filters old messages unless explicitly asked to.

In any case, whenever you notice something odd, the first step should always be to [http://c-command.com/spamsieve/manual-ah/open-log]([. If it didn’t, then the problem is elsewhere (e.g. with your mail program or server).

Which mail program are you using? Are you using a POP or IMAP account?why](check SpamSieve’s log. In this case, that will tell you whether the messages were moved to the Spam folder because SpamSieve predicted them to be spam. If it did, the log will have some information about )

Yes. Whatever email that I have selected (in the Inbox, or filed to another folder) is moved to the SPAM mailbox when new mail is downloaded and filtered by SpamSeive.

I am using POP and IMAP accounts. This happens to local mail that has been downloaded already.

I found the original e-mails that you sent regarding this issue. The problem was not that SpamSieve thought the messages were spam but that something was invoking the “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” menu command, causing the selected messages to be moved to the Spam mailbox (and trained as spam).

Please e-mail me the file:


Right now, my best guess is that one of your rules is the source of the problem.

In December and April I suggested:

  1. Uninstalling the large number of system modifiers that you had installed, in case one of the was causing the problem.
  2. Using the Keyboard pane of System Preferences to change the keyboard shortcut for the “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” command, in case it was being triggered by the Control-Command-S keypress.
  3. Creating a new Mac OS X user account and setting up Mail and SpamSieve there, to try to rule out a problem with your existing user account.

I never heard back from you whether you’d tried any of these.

Lastly, you could create a fresh Mac OS X installation, then setup Mail and install SpamSieve. That would be sure to get rid of whatever’s invoking the training command.