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custom icon for blank CD's

Hello…Im not sure if it is what its intended for, but Ive been looking for an app, a script, or anything would allow me to make my own icon appear, for any blank CD or DVD i put in my mac, with the intention to burn. Pasting an icon to an inserted blank disc works, and appears pre burn, but doesnt last once CD is burned. It always goes back to the default icon. , so upon trying out DropDMG (which so far kicks ass), i noticed a can do this if I create my folder (or whatever I intend to burn onto the blank cd) into a .dmg…I was wondering if the icon change is then permanent, or just when using DropDMG. Am i making it more complicated than it really is, or missing a step? I was attempting to make this a permanent change within my mac, but am unable to save any folder with a . (.volumeIcons.icns)
Any input/help would be appreciated, thank you so much!!!

You can use DropDMG to burn a CD with a custom icon. To do this, use DropDMG’s Convert Graphic to “.VolumeIcon.icns”… command to save an icon file for your graphic in the folder. Then make sure that Use custom icon for mounted image is checked and have DropDMG create a disk image from your folder. Finally, use DropDMG to burn the disk image.

There’s actually already a thread about this.

ive read the manual, and all of these instructions…there is no option for me to “check” or “uncheck” the option you refer to.

It’s right here in the picture in the manual.

sorry, i did see that in preferences yes, and it is and has been checked, but part of the question was
“wondering if the icon change is then permanent, or just when using DropDMG.”
meaning it seems unless i choose the “convert graphic to .volume.icns” option, every single time I am preparing to burn, it will go to the default icon…So even when this option is checked, i guess the question would be do i, or why do i need to keep converting?
and when it asks me to save the icon im converting, will it always be saved to the folder im about to burn?

There are two ways that Use custom icon for mounted image can work. If there’s an icon file in the source folder, e.g. because you converted it, DropDMG will use that icon. This is permanent in the sense that once you convert the icon once the icon file will stay in that folder. If there’s no icon file in the folder, DropDMG will generate a badged icon on-the-fly by looking for an application in the folder and using its icon.

You have to tell it which folder to save the icon into.

what source folder would that be. That means there needs to be a permanent folder, that is part of or not part of the folder i intend to burn?

The source folder is the folder that you intend to burn. This could be permanent or temporary. Some people burn the same (or similar) folders repeatedly. Also, if you will be using the same icon multiple times you could prepare a “template” folder once and reuse it.

ok, it all makes sense now.
thank you very much for all the help…sorry for all the confusion…