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Custom layout ignored in dmg created under OS X 10.9, works in OS X 10.8.5

Hi Michael,

I’ve been using DropDMG for years and it’s been great. Yesterday I tried Layouts for the first time and followed the steps in your instructions. I set up a custom background image and placeholders for my app and the Applications folder. I then made a new Configuration and chose my new layout. I also picked a Custom Volume Icon (128x128 pixels). All other settings were left as default. When I chose this configuration and dragged my app onto DropDMG, a DMG was created with my volume icon. However, when I opened the DMG all the custom layout info was not applied. The background image was missing and my App and the Applications shortcut folder icons were smaller than the default 128 pixel size. It’s as if the custom info was totally ignored. This was under OS X 10.9. When I tried the exact same procedure under 10.8.5, everything worked-- the dmg image was properly formatted with my layout. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I really need this to work under 10.9.

Thanks, John

I’ve not heard of that happening. Please contact me via e-mail and include your DropDMG version and (if possible) the .dmg file that didn’t work.

After troubleshooting via e-mail, I think the problem is now resolved.