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Dark/Light mode support

Hi Michael,

I’m trying to make a disk image, friendly both to dark and light system modes. I don’t see the way to do it in DropDMG, so I actually wonder if that’s currently possible. There are two obstacles:

1. The disk image should have a custom background in the window (icon view) when it mounts. So, I created an image with the transparent background, hoping that Finder’s icon view background would be visible underneath to automatically get light/dark mode. However, the window background underneath the image is always white. Even if I remove the background image completely, the background of the window stays white.

2. File names text are always black (and match always white window background from 1). I don’t see any option to make them match the system colour mode (that is, to let the Finder do the its things with text colour).

– Dragan

It should always be friendly in the sense that the text is readable (not black on black), but there’s no way to make a custom background auto-switch. You can either use a custom background picture, in which case Finder will always treat that window as if it’s in light mode; or you can omit the background, in which case the background and text color will both switch when the user chooses light/dark.

Yeah, I never expected there’d be a way to auto-switch background picture on system colour mode change, but I didn’t expect Finder to always treat a window as if it’s in light mode if the background picture is present. That certainly sounds like a bug (sort of) in Finder to me. Anyway, that means my idea with a background picture with transparent background won’t work :frowning:

I think it’s intentional because in general there’s no way for Finder to know whether the background will work in both modes. It’s safer to assume it was designed for light.