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Dealing with duplicate folders

I’m sure this is in the manual, but I can’t find it (not searchable)… Can someone help me with this:

How do I get EagleFiler to resolve/combine duplicates? Imports produce a lot of extra folders

EagleFiler tracks and eliminates duplicate files; it does not try to find duplicate folders. How are you getting these duplicate folders to start with? That seems unusual.

The recent imports come in as, e.g., FOLDER-1

So I have, e.g., FOLDER for older material, FOLDER-1 for the recent material. It just makes the folder list a bit long – so I thought there would be a way to merge the folders back.

Why is that? I think this relates back to your other recent thread. It sounds like your workflow is to import a folder, modify something in the folder, and then import that same folder again. Though you certainly can do this, I don’t think this is what most people do, and it’s not the way EagleFiler was designed to be used. Things will work more smoothly if you don’t try to “synchronize” EagleFiler’s library with another folder, but rather directly edit the contents of your library.