Deep linking to applications using bookmarks (including Logseq)

Just in case anyone finds this useful - it would work with any application that provides a “deep link” to content.

I’ve started using Logseq again as a tool to organise my thinking and take notes - not really the sort of stuff I want to add to my EagleFiler repository as it’s most transitory, but it can be useful to go back to my thinking from time to time. Logseq isn’t directly supported by EF capture.

Each block in Logseq has a unique URL e.g.,

Many other applications also provide a URL that links to a specific page/message/folder/note.

What I’ve done is…

  1. Created a bookmark (webloc file) within Eaglefiler using capture.
  2. Edited the bookmark to remove the Url and renamed it blank.webloc
  3. Copied the webloc file into the stationary folder

Now in any folder I can create a new webloc file and paste the URL from Logseq into the URL field. When I return to this and click ‘open’ EagleFiler opens Logseq at the exact place where my notes are.

Hope someone finds this useful! It’s a good way of integrating many apps with EF but without copying in what might be useless information.

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